Roosevelt Island building proposal has ‘air-scrubbing’ feature
Now this is a climatic scene.

A behemoth air-scrubbing high-rise that looks straight out of a sci-fi flick has been designed for the middle of Roosevelt Island.

The tree-studded, 2,400-foot-tall, futuristic proposal is planned to loosely resemble a mandrake plant — with a base like a cruise ship morphing into a gleaming twisty tower a la surrealist Salvador Dali — and take over much of the East River isle off Manhattan.

RSK: Don`t laugh. This is not so far-fetched because if you can see it in your mind you can also conceive it in reality...think cell phones or apple watches.

Heather Ewing: A vision or belief fueled by passion--Think Einstein, The Wright Brothers, Alexander Graham Bell. It’s only a matter of time! After all, there is a push locally for green roofs…

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