The Crack Shack to reach up to 50 locations with Savory investment

Utah-based growth fund led by Andrew Smith announces investment in upscale fast-casual fried chicken brand and 2019 NRN Hot Concept winner; Savory to grow Crack Shack by three to five units in 2021.

After opening the first The Crack Shack to overwhelming success in San Diego, founder Mike Rosen began expanding the modern fried chicken concept to new markets.

But Rosen realized the growing pains of building restaurants to scale.

Now, those details are in the hands of Savory. The $90 million growth fund, created earlier this year, announced plans Tuesday to invest in the six-unit Crack Shack. Over the next four to five years, Savory plans to expand the Southern California-based brand to up to 50 units in five to seven new markets including the Midwest.
RSK: They seem to have something unique going for them. But Madison is finicky on what they will accept for food. The idea of organic is a plus however. Covid might make it hard to move forward in the Midwest with the colder climes where in sunny CA, you can dine outside most of the year.

Heather Ewing: Madison has a well-seasoned palette! It depends on the demographic. Millennials will opt for healthier faire. Additionally, Madison is ranked #4 in the 2020 Fittest City in America according to Runner’s World.

Operators need to remember what succeeds in one market may not translate well in another. I agree RSK! Reminds me of when Mister Car Wash entered the Madison market and removed the outdoor covered vacuum stations. Two years later, guess what returned? Covered outdoor vacuum stations.

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