Analysts Weigh In On What CRE Can Expect For Each Asset Class In Q4
Most years, we are not ready to say goodbye to summer, but this year things are different. There is the economy, there is the election, there are kids and other loved ones at home, there are restrictions on what we can and cannot do, there is Zoom and there is a global pandemic.

And save one or two silver linings, none of it has been too kind to commercial real estate. No one knows when it will all end or get back to normal, but one thing that is normal is today — the day most of the business world says goodbye to summer and begins the mad dash to the end of the year.

You would never know it, but much has happened in 2020. If you`re suffering from pandemic haze and have lost track of where things stand in the industry, or even what day it is, Bisnow has you covered: We broke down all of the major commercial property asset classes to help you get up to speed — where the sectors have been since the beginning of the year, where they are now and what expert analysts think will happen as we march toward 2021...   ...more

RSK: Pretty much what you would expect with one pleasant surprise.

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