Pendulum Swinging Back Away From Open Offices Due To Pandemic
The coronavirus pandemic scrambled all expectations about the office market. Many corporate leaders say the work-from-home model has been quite successful, and plan to let a portion of their workforce continue at home even after the pandemic subsides. But many also say mentoring new recruits and building a healthy corporate culture can’t be done on Zoom calls. That means even though no one knows how much space companies will need in 2021, landlords, brokers and property managers still need to find safe ways for their clients and tenants to return.   ...more

RSK: I think open office will make a comeback when the pandemic is over...with some major improvements and safeguards.
Ken Notes: Again we are blaming structure for the personal habits of individuals. We need business environments that extract the most out of the employee. Oh and for the record EVERY employee id different.

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