COVID-19 Related Cases to Watch in the Commercial Real Estate Industry
There‚Äôs no question that these past five to six months have been a troubling time for both landlords and tenants. Each group is struggling to figure out how to work with the other to move forward, hopefully amicably, and to come through this pandemic in a position to regain lost ground. Of course, payment of rent and related charges are at the forefront of this issue. This particular topic has been fodder for a large amount of debate in both legal and business circles, with a number of potential defenses put forward as possibilities for tenants to use. Most of these defenses are more theoretical than not, and generally have yet to be tested in the context in which we all find ourselves. However, there are some cases worth keeping an eye on as the number of lawsuits related to payment of rent (or more specifically, non-payment of rent) grow.   ...more

RSK: All my attorney friends must be burning the midnight oil on these cases. Should be interesting to see what side the court takes if any.

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