Burger King just showed off its new restaurants designed for `COVID world,` with no-contact cubbies and lofted kitchens that free up room for cars
Burger King just unveiled new plans for a dramatic redesign of its restaurants, and drive-thru and pickup options are king.

Renderings of the new design, which were released on Thursday, show a modern Burger King that shrinks the dining room and elevates the kitchen to create more drivable space. The physical footprint of the store is 60% smaller than a traditional Burger King building, according to a company press release.
  • Burger King released plans for a new restaurant design on Thursday.

  • The designs will prioritize takeout options over dine-in space to optimize them for what the chain calls "COVID world."

  • In recent months, Shake Shack, Panera, and Chipotle have also looked to drive-thru options in a bid to regain customers amid the pandemic.

RSK: The key here is food chains are going to be more focused on take out and drive thru than in house seating and eating. They will have to for survival.

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