Whole Foods without shoppers: Amazon trying out `dark store` as part of vision for future of online grocery shopping
There`s no salad or coffee bar at the newest Whole Foods Market.

The Amazon-owned grocery chain is officially opening its first permanent online-only store in Brooklyn, New York, to fulfill orders for grocery delivery, Whole Foods officials shared exclusively with USA TODAY on Tuesday. Like other retailers` online-only stores, also known as dark stores, the store will not be open to the public.

On-demand grocery shopping for delivery and curbside pickup have grown in popularity in recent months amid the coronavirus pandemic as many shoppers look to make fewer trips to stores.

But this new store was already in the works pre-COVID-19, said Nicole Wescoe, Whole Foods president for the Northeast region, in an interview...

RSK: Not any different than any Amazon product...you cannot go to an Amazon store physically so this is just an extension of their model.

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