Restaurants Could Adapt to Coronavirus Era as Food Halls, Parisian Parlors
Architect Ed Eimer is a food hall advocate who maintains that the model could be an important recovery vehicle for the U.S. restaurant industry, hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic. And he`s not alone.

Eimer is president of Eimer Design, a Philadelphia-based architectural firm. He has been involved in some capacity in the design of 40 food halls and said some real estate projects are now changing course. His work includes the Inner Rail Food Hall in Omaha, Nebraska, as well as an outdoor mall project in Miami called The Oasis...

RSK: There are a load of assumptions here and of course the ambience may be lacking. But if going out to eat so one can see people and be seen this may work. But what does happen to these Food Halls when a vaccine or treatment comes along. Who will invest in this type of real estate?

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