The USPS’ Real Estate: What It Owns and What It’s Selling

The block-size art deco building in downtown Allentown, Penn., is one of nine properties that the United States Postal Service is currently selling. Built in 1934 solely as a post office, the building served as the town’s nerve center for many years. Today, mail delivery operations occupy just 5,000 square feet of the 96,500-square-foot property...


RSK: This is interesting and just part of the USPS saga. Remember folks, it isn`t funded by tax dollars...until the proposed bailout.  They need to do what they need to do...get rid of old aging post offices, dysfunctional machines, clear space for packages (which is where they make the money)and raise rates as any other business would have to do....if not then yes, subsidize it with tax dollars and really watch the reliability of postal service plunge! USPS was not meant to be a political football.

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