Fast-food giants like Dunkin` and Chipotle are using the restaurant apocalypse as a chance to `swallow up` independent restaurants that are struggli

After falling in love with Dublin`s pubs on a study abroad trip, Elliott Nelson abandoned his plans of becoming a lawyer and decided instead to open up an Irish pub in economically depressed downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. He knew he`d face difficulties, but he never imagined the challenges the pandemic would bring....

  • Fast-food giants such as Domino`s, Chipotle, and Dunkin` are eyeing real estate opportunities presented by independent restaurants struggling to stay open during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • The Independent Restaurant Coalition estimates that up to 85% of independent restaurants may close permanently by the end of the pandemic.

  • "So much of your soul goes into building unique stuff, and if you see it become so homogenous, that`s especially heart-wrenching," said Elliott Nelson, who owns 20 restaurants in Oklahoma and Arkansas.

RSK: The good the bad and the ugly about this. Worth reading.

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