Check out Taco Bell’s new ‘Go Mobile’ restaurant concept
Taco Bell unveiled a new restaurant format intended to make things quick and convenient for mobile and drive-thru customers.

The quick-serve eatery’s new "Taco Bell Go Mobile" concept, which will debut in the first quarter of 2021, is designed to enhance the digital and drive-thru experience for customers. It comes as online ordering and drive-thrus have skyrocketed in popularity during the pandemic. Taco Bell said it served an additional 4.8 million cars through its drive-thrus in the second quarter compared with the same time a year ago. (In December, Chipotle unveiled a digital-friendly restaurant design.)


RSK: With the smaller footprint you will no doubt see a few more of these pop up in a neighborhood or thoroughfare near you. Good idea because their food is almost all drive-up or take out.

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