Flex Office Operators Look to Unlock the Suburbs

British workspace providers talked about new opportunities outside city centers in a recent webinar hosted by the Flexible Space Association.

The adoption of remote work around the world highlights the flexibility and proximity to home that suburban markets can offer. Britain, until last year the world’s largest flexible office market, could provide a test case for how coworking and serviced offices respond to a changed post-COVID environment.

Andrew Butterworth, commercial director at British workspace developer Bruntwood Works, noted that customer inquiries have picked up most rapidly at the company’s properties in the regional towns around Manchester, rather than its four city center markets. “That’s not what was happening pre-COVID,” he said in a recent webinar hosted by the UK’s Flexible Space Association...


RSK: Classic example of not to put all your eggs in one basket. I believe the suburbs , which have plenty of office space available, we see more co-working space as companies rotate locations for groups to get together periodically.

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