Industrious and Wythe Hotel turn empty rooms into offices

Two-person loft costs $200/day; partnership is latest example of how hotels are thinking about filling unused spaces

Faced with a glut of empty rooms, the Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg is teaming up with flex-office provider Industrious to offer “on-demand workspaces.”

Through Aug. 31, the companies are offering full-day bookings on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. Rooms will be furnished with custom office furniture, high-speed wi-fi, free coffee and pastry, a landline and smart-TV. Each room also has private outdoor space....

RSK: When given lemons (empty hotel rooms) make lemonade (small office space) Love the thought process...staying alive people...staying alive!

Ken Notes: I often have thought that every hotel should have a co-working plan for their lobbies and maybe some table/desk space in conference rooms and meeting spaces not in use during the day. I know several professionals that use lobby space now paying nothing. This is much more conducive for business that a coffee shop. They get great relaxing space to meet with customers, use their laptops, and get work done in the very heart of the community.

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