You can go shopping for clothes now that stores have reopened, but you may not be able to try them on everywhere. Here`s where you can.
Stores that have reopened since shutting down in response to the coronavirus pandemic have had to make some changes to how they do things.

For many, that has meant keeping their fitting rooms closed. But others have started to reopen store fitting rooms while implementing new policies, like only allowing every other room to be used, to allow for social distancing while shoppers try on clothes.
  • Retailers reopening stores have faced a host of challenges in the coronavirus era.
  • While some stores have kept their fitting rooms closed, others have reopened them with new policies to allow for social distancing.
  • Here are the stores where you can currently try on clothes in fitting rooms.

RSK: I hope they do this sooner rather than later. I was at Kohl`s last week looking for some dress pants and went to try some on and no way...all fitting rooms purchase.

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