`It`s Like A Bloodletting`: Co-Tenancy Clauses, Bankruptcy Protections Hastening Mall Extinction

As the coronavirus pandemic drags on, malls continue to face existential threats, including whether rent collection is even possible in the near future.

Experts cite prolonged bankruptcy protections and co-tenancy issues as additional factors that will likely hasten the already accelerated demise of hundreds of malls.

“It probably would have taken, say, another 10 years to get the point where it’s going to be probably by the end of this year," said Leslie Lundin, managing partner of LBG Real Estate Cos., an owner of shopping centers in the western United States. "It’s like a bloodletting."


RSK: Yes it is and through in some riots and you have pillage and rapine too I suppose. But guess what, malls will make a come back and will be better than ever but never the same with more mixed use etc.

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