With downtowns staying abandoned, put tiny businesses back into residential neighborhoods

What if we started creating tiny storefronts (ACUs, or accessory commercial units) in neighborhoods to serve people where they are—and give businesses a chance at new customers.

When the pandemic closed down his office in downtown Portland, Oregon, urban planner Neil Heller started wondering about the bodega where he used to buy afternoon snacks. Without office workers in the area, and without shoppers headed to larger stores that were also closed, it might not survive. As many people continue working from home—in the case of some tech workers, indefinitely—Heller considered another possibility. Could some small businesses relocate to residential neighborhoods?...

RSK: I like his train of thought. We already have several of these neighborhoods in Madison as does Milwaukee and the Fox Valley...they are the much older established ones. What needs to happen is some of this has to drift over into newer subdivisions and city councils and planners and zoning need to keep an open mind about this.

Ken Notes: We need to rethink what neighborhoods will look like moving forward.

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