Office Owners Who Want Workers Back Face A Massive Hurdle: Schools

For weeks, companies have been gradually and carefully reopening their offices in a world still combating a pandemic. But efforts to bring workers back are getting more complicated as public school systems across the country prepare to start the school year with varying degrees of online and in-person learning.

Even as the Trump administration is pushing state and local officials to bring children back to school buildings, viewing the issue as key to economic recovery, more and more districts are telling parents that classes are going to begin online — which means that is where the parents’ work must remain....


SK: A conundrum of sorts. As the CARES Act comes to a close and unemployment benefits end people will have to or will want to go back to work and not just from home. With kids not in school this is going to be a problem for workers and employers alike. I think schooling as we knew may be over for now. There will be multiple smaller classrooms spread out all over a city, possibly in empty malls, office buildings and retail. If someone does get the covid it won`t spread to a large group but hopefully only to that small defined satellite classroom.

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