Living With Your Desk Mates

After weeks of quarantining alone, five work friends rented a five-bedroom inn in Westbrook, Conn., for a month. “We like going into the office,” said Taylor Mecham. “And we all hang out and are friends outside the office.”

This spring, as the months of quarantine dragged on and Taylor Mecham’s three roommates left their Lower East Side apartment to stay with family outside the city, she found herself longing for some non-remote companionship.

“I didn’t even go outside for, like, six weeks,” Ms. Mecham, 27, said. “When I first entered quarantine, I did a puzzle, paint by numbers, watched all the Harry Potters, but there’s only so many times you can Zoom your family for drinks.”...

RSK: For that price you could rent a nice house on the water in Door County for the year which would be my preference. But it is good to see this little experiment worked out for all.....including the pup.

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