Pandemic-Emptied Hotels Could Become Affordable Housing, City Officials Suggest

Potentially thousands of vacant hotel rooms are ripe for conversion into permanent residences, deputy mayor, housing groups and hotel owners agree.

City officials are looking to capitalize on a distressed tourism industry by converting commercial hotels into affordable housing — including creating single room occupancy units known as SROs.

The exploration of cheaper alternatives for affordable housing and supportive housing — offering health care and social services for people with mental illness or substance abuse disorders — comes as the city struggles to overcome a fiscal crisis prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.


RSK: You saw this coming weeks ago...what is next? Restaurants becoming food kitchens....don`t laugh. Many will not make it through the pandemic or the rioting and looting.

Ken Notes: done right this could work. Units sub 50K could be "sold" to homeless using a stipend/credit system for good behavior and unit maintenance. Of course in government hands this will be a mess. We should give all the bankrupt hotels to Habitat for Humanities and let them run the entire program.

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