As Millions Forced to Work Remotely From Coronavirus, Home Offices in Big Demand from Potential Buyers
A new survey from Zillow found the sudden and unexpected shift to remote work for millions of Americans has put a new premium on a quiet and comfortable place to work from home.

A third of respondents in a recent Zillow survey report working from a home office currently, with the rest forced to repurpose another area of their home such as a living room, dining room or bedroom into an office space. Working out of a shared space that`s not designed to support long hours in front of a computer can bring distractions and other frustrations -- especially as open concept layouts have soared in popularity in the past few years -- suddenly putting a premium on a quiet, separated workspace.

RSK: I can attest to this. What once was a screened porch, then a 4 season room, then the previous owners first floor bedroom became my office/den. Was a huge factor in us purchasing.

Ken Notes: What a great opportunity for an office supply company to do some staging in new home sales. Visualize this...

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