How Physical Spaces May Adapt To A Post-COVID World
Lots of questions are being asked about how life will change in the wake of COVID-19. Because physical distancing is a big part of that conversation, designers of physical spaces are among those expected to supply answers.

How will social and public behaviors be impacted? How will physical spaces have to adapt? Can we look to technology to provide any transitional assistance until a new normal is achieved? And how will spaces that have traditionally been communal, high-touch, very tactile settings – think retail and high-end luxury experiences – be forced to morph as the world adjusts to new norms?

A logical candidate to address these issues is David Schwarz..

RSK: Not buying all of his ideas either. Gloves? Anything you touch with gloves remains on the touch with your hands you can wash them immediately......I think he needs to check with his medical people. Masks and social distancing and open spaces make sense.

- - Volume: 8 - WEEK: 27 Date: 6/30/2020 7:16:49 AM -