Real Estate Valuation in the Wake of COVID-19

The effects of the pandemic are being applied unevenly across property types, geographies, tenancy, and other influences.

When the commercial real estate market is in turmoil, valuations are needed. And when the market is stable, valuations are needed. Either way, a professional valuation is not guided by a magic crystal ball—the process is both art and science.

North Texas had been humming along thanks to an 11-year long bull run. The region was leading the country in job growth. The prospects for relocating companies to the area from out of state fueled a seemingly ever-robust office market. Businesses saw record profits and income close to historical highs at the end of 2019. Meanwhile, the DFW real estate market paced the country in multifamily and industrial construction. That all came to an abrupt stop with COVID-19...

RSK: There will be some interesting appraisals to say the least until the Covid subsides and the protest unrest resolves itself.

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