How Safe Office Reopening Strategies Are Reshaping Leases

Best practices for safely resuming office occupancy have far-reaching implications for new leases and renewals.

As businesses nationwide pursue phased reopening, a key issue for commercial real estate owners and managers is how to safely resume the use of office space. The Centers for Disease Control added significantly to the conversation late last month by producing an exhaustive list of guidelines for employers, building owners and property managers.

Highlights of CDC’s recommendations include ensuring that HVAC systems are working properly; bringing in fresh air where possible; implementing employee screening, social distancing and other administrative controls; and rearranging workstations, reception areas, and meeting or break rooms to promote the separation of employees...

RSK: Until we have a vaccine or herd immunity, things will be very different in office buildings...but people will slowly drift back and probably want more space between co-workers. Work from home will increase. Elevators will be the problem.

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