SBE`s Sam Nazarian Dishes On Why He`s Betting Big On Ghost Kitchens
In 2003, when Sam Nazarian built SBE into a hospitality, night life and culinary global powerhouse, he had what he called an "aha" moment in his quest to start a ghost kitchen business. About a year ago, Nazarian had the same feeling when he saw that the high cost of building out a hotel and full-service restaurant just wasn`t worth it in this day and age.

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RSK: I personally think there is room for this concept but going out to eat is a reward, it is to socialize more often than not and to see and be seen. But for me I could live with take home if I can come in order, have a beverage and chat a bit while I wait then grab my food and head home. Personally, I do not like to watch other people eat.

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