Papa John`s ex-CEO says in viral interview that he ate more than 40 pizzas in 30 days and that the quality has been destroyed, adding that `the day
  • Papa John`s founder and former CEO, John Schnatter, slammed the pizza chain in an interview with WDRB News, a Fox affiliate in Louisville, Kentucky.

  • "I`ve had over 40 pizzas in the last 30 days," Schnatter told WDRB News. "And it`s not the same pizza. It`s not the same product. It just doesn`t taste as good."

  • He also slammed Papa John`s leaders, saying that they had "destroyed the company" and that "the day of reckoning will come."

  • Schnatter resigned as Papa John`s chairman in 2018 after admitting to using the N-word during a company conference call earlier that year.

Papa John`s former CEO slammed the pizza chain he founded in an interview with a local news outlet...


RSK: That`s a lot of pizza but I agree some of them are darn nasty tasting. Probably will be shakeout soon especially with ghost kitchens coming online. Ironically he sells a boatload of his shares.

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