Natural Light The Key To Making Workplace Performance Shine

Imagine how you feel in a generously windowed room, one infused with natural light. Now compare that sensation to one you might experience confined to a bleak, windowless dungeon. If your preference leans toward the natural light option, consider yourself in good company.

New York City-based research firm Future Workplace, along with technology company View, recently unveiled a research project titled “The Workplace Wellness Study.” Surveying 1,601 U.S. and Canadian workers between April 23 and 29, 2019, the study released in August found next to air quality, comfortable lighting was the factor most often cited by workers as contributing to a health-supporting workplace. Despite this, 6 in 10 respondents said their employers don’t provide the level of light they need to summon their best job performance. The study also found when it comes to emotional wellness in the workplace, folks place a workplace fitness center or a pet-friendly policy lower in priority than oft-overlooked light-oriented qualities, such as natural light and outdoor views.


RSK: I agree that natural light helps productivity and the well being of employees and employers alike.

Ken Notes: I recently had meetings in the co-working facilities at Starting Block and Spaces located on East Washington and was amazed at how much difference the natural light and view made.

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