Elizabeth Warren and Tom Steyer want to build millions of homes — where the 2020 presidential candidates stand on affordable housing

Housing hasn’t traditionally been a hot topic in presidential elections, but with homeownership financially out of reach for many Americans, the candidates vying for the Democratic nomination have been eager to discuss the issue.

On Thursday night, candidates on the debate stage answered a question about affordable housing for the first time this election cycle. MSNBC debate moderator Kristen Welker asked billionaire hedge fund manager Tom Steyer whether he was the best person to address this issue, citing the housing crisis in Steyer’s home state of California.


RSK: The real problem is putting the tax burden on homeownership. My taxes on my home are $1200 per month and will only go up. My house payment is $500 and almost paid off...see the problem here?

Ken Notes: I would like to see us build homes that are affordable not "Affordable Homes". When we do not create ownership and neighborhoods we create problems.

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