Thinking of Joining a Coworking Space? We Compared Them.

It’s not all just free LaCroix and cold-brew.

Initially, I was most excited about reporting a story on coworking because it meant I got to try coworking. Coworking—in which freelancers or entire companies rent desks or offices short- or long-term in a fully equipped communal space—seemed to consist of spending eight hours in a series of West Elm armchairs, taking breaks between spurts of work to grab cold-brew or chat with the trendy freelancer next to me, then closing my computer at 4 to hit the local beer on tap in the kitchen...


RSK: I think maybe we will do a comparison of the Co-Working spaces here in Madison just for the fun of it.

Ken Notes: I have been to several in Madison and there is far more variety here than in other cities. 100State starts at $150 and Spaces provides a capitol view for a little more Regus will provide walls and a desk as needed. StartingBlock has investors involved and Industrious is very nice. I added an article on Madison options but it needs to be updated because this is a dynamic field...

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