23 photos that show the ugly truth of living in a tiny house
  • Residents let Insider into their tiny homes to show what tiny house living is really like. Some of it isn`t so glamorous.

  • Lofts, which are an important feature in tiny houses, can be cramped, hot, and hard-to-access.

  • Appliances like stoves and bathroom sinks are considerably smaller than what many homeowners are used to.

As the tiny house movement sweeps across the US, many are divided on if the downsized life is for them.

While some relish in the idea of getting rid of most of their belongings and living simply, others can`t imagine squeezing their lives into a space smaller than 300 square feet. So, what is it really like to live in one of these tiny homes?...


RSK: Tiny houses are not for me...I would need about a 1,000 sf and at least a partial basement and at my age crawling up and down in the middle of the night to go to my tiny bathroom...well that "ain`t going to happen" as they say.

Ken Notes: I know hundreds of snow bunnies that live out of small campers for months or years at a time, it is a lifestyle and it is NOT a lifestyle for everyone. Imagine walking into our dorms room back in the 70`s. We could take pictures that would turn stomachs, yet we thought we were living the dream (man)...

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