Why Barbie, a Blimp and a Wienermobile Are Posting on Airbnb

The home-sharing platform has offered several novelty lodging opportunities lately, like a stay in Barbie’s mansion or a night in the Goodyear blimp. They earn headlines, and that’s the point.

It was a warm August evening in Evanston, Ill., just north of Chicago, when the Wienermobile rolled out the red carpet for a sleepover.

Actually, the carpet was green, and not so much carpet as artificial turf.  Inside the Wienermobile, the meat brand Oscar Mayer’s signature marketing machine, there was a pullout bed and a mini fridge. There were hot dog sunglasses, hot dog onesies and actual hot dogs with all the accouterments. (But no ketchup: Chicago doesn’t really do hot dogs with ketchup)...


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