Numbers Show California`s Opportunity Zones Investments In The State Are Down

In the nearly two years since the passage of a federal program aimed to spur economic development in low-income and distressed neighborhoods, there have been roughly 30,200 commercial real estate transactions in the designated opportunity zones in California

In the two years prior to the program, there were more than 32,200 commercial real estate transactions in the same zones in the state, according to CRE data site Reonomy...


RSK: One begins to wonder if this was such a good idea. Seems it just might be inflating the value of properties in the Zones.

Ken Notes: It depends on who is running the show. They are a GREAT idea if you can invest in an area where you will see gains during the investment period. In California they are more risky because you can "do better" outside the zone. You need to be very smart to make them work for you.

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