The World Is Your Office

Most office jobs these days require nothing more than a laptop, Slack, and killer inbox-zero skills. Desktops are dinosaurs. Human contact is optional.

To landlords, this offers the exciting prospect of hordes of office-less millennials roaming around with never-ending work to do and nowhere quiet to do it.

Which is why we’re seeing every asset class transform into coworking, and everything from churches to schools to gyms to malls dedicating space for work. For some, it’s a part of their core business model; for others, it’s a gateway space that attracts foot traffic, anchors a community, and provides an excuse to say “community” a lot...


RSK: Live, work, play all in one stop is probably best suited for urban areas where there are not a lot of restaurants nearby. It is a very interesting concept it has it`s place.

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