The Rise of the Virtual Restaurant

Food delivery apps are reshaping the restaurant industry — and how we eat — by inspiring digital-only establishments that don’t need a dining room or waiters.

SAN FRANCISCO — At 9:30 on most weeknights, Ricky Lopez, the head chef and owner of Top Round Roast Beef in San Francisco, stacks up dozens of hot beef sandwiches and sides of curly fries to serve hungry diners.

He also breads chicken cutlets for another of his restaurants, Red Ribbon Fried Chicken. He flips beef patties on the grill for a third, TR Burgers and Wings. And he mixes frozen custard for a dessert shop he runs, Ice Cream Custard...


RSK: We were just discussing this very thing in our office today. They restaurant may save on space and staff but they will find that the delivery portion costs will increase substantially. SO the savings won`t be that great but the reach and output may increase.

Will be interesting to see how this all shakes out, especially when you add a $15 to $20 delivery charge to it all.

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