Why seniors should avoid the temptation to sell their investment property — even if it’s soared in value

Prices in many real estate markets have regained their pre-financial-crisis levels. Prices in some areas have surpassed those levels and are still going up. That means many real estate investors now own properties that are worth way more than their tax basis. That’s especially likely with a rental property for which you’ve claimed depreciation deductions over the years. Those depreciation write-offs reduced your tax basis in the property, resulting in a bigger taxable gain if you sell.

Here’s the message: If you are a well-seasoned individual who owns real property that would trigger a big taxable gain if sold, please think long and hard about not selling. Why? Because simple inaction or arranging for a tax-free Section 1031 exchange, instead of a sale, could be tax-smart strategies...


RSK: 1031 can be very helpful...but sometimes just paying the tax piper isn`t the worse scenario.

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