Matrix Office, Multifamily, Self-Storage Reports

Data and analysis on how these commercial real estate property types are performing in major U.S. metros.

Stability continues to characterize the commercial real estate sector in most asset classes and markets, as the current cycle extends into its second decade.

The duration of the market’s expansion is at least partly attributable to a delayed response following the Great Recession. Many real estate investors remained gunshy early in the recovery, and the boom years for rent growth and new construction did not begin until the mid-2010s.

Multifamily rent growth has leveled off in the 2.5 to 3.0 percent range nationally, with certain markets in the South and West—including Phoenix, Las Vegas and Atlanta—outperforming the rest of the nation...

RSK: Word on the street is self-storage is no longer the #1 darling.

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