6 people on how living in a tiny house has changed their finances, from going debt-free to saving six figures
  • Tiny house living changes your finances for the better, according to six people who live in tiny houses.

  • Many were able to significantly reduce their housing costs, thereby doubling — or even tripling — their savings.

  • The extra money has brought them new opportunities to enrich their lives, they said — with experiences like traveling or starting a business.

Life tends to gets smaller when joining the tiny-house movement.

There`s the 100 to 400 square feet of space— defined as the criteria for a tiny house— that makes up your home. There`s the downsizing of possessions so you can live comfortably. And there`s the overall minimalist lifestyle that comes with both of those things.

But the one thing that doesn`t shrink, according to many tiny house dwellers, is your bank account.


RSK: Not sure I could do this but very interesting. I would be more apt to get an RV Trailer/camper and drive all over.

Ken Notes: Madison needs to develop a few "parks" that will allow these units...

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