Shopping malls want to make you pay for prime parking spots
Malls across the country, having lost millions of customers to online rivals, hope to win shoppers back with a rather odd marketing plan: pay for parking.

In partnership with an app called MyPark, malls and outlet centers are starting to reserve the best parking spots — those nearest the stores — and will allow shoppers to reserve those spots, for a fee.

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets is the latest shopping center to sign a deal with MyPark. Shoppers who want to reserve a spot near the entrance or by popular restaurants can pay $3 for two hours — plus $3 an hour thereafter — to reserve a spot as much as six months in advance.

Serious shoppers are already scooping up spaces for Black Friday, according to MyPark CEO Luis Mayendia, who is eyeing airports and hospitals as expansion targets...


RSK: Great idea...but wonder what problems will arise from this. Why not just Uber or Lyft there?

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