The U.S. Needs 4,000 More Data Centers In The Next Two Years

The big picture when it comes to data centers, according to the speakers at Bisnow`s Data Center Investment Conference & Expo South, is very big indeed.

Increasing connectivity and other factors mean that roughly 600 zettabytes of new data is created each year (that is 600 trillion gigabytes), which is about 200% more traffic than current data centers can handle. To keep pace with the growth of data, the industry is going to have to build about 4,000 new facilities — on average 200K SF, 25 megawatt facilities — by 2020, the speakers said....


RSK: The only problem is they do not tell you where they are needed....just that they are needed.

Ken Notes: Where is where the fiber is, and FYI Verona and Fitchburg have an abundance of it. Also they are just rural enough, close to a metro, and priced right. I can help you market this if you are interested...

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