The 15 BIG Questions You Must Answer About Commercial Real Estate And Your Data!

Where we stand today.

Commercial real estate data has long been left abandoned in dark recesses and behind firewalls, either forgotten or hidden. Mostly for a perceived competitive advantage. Today that may no longer be a choice....


The Big Questions:

1. Will data availability and portability, done well, help create a defined commercial real estate brand?

2. What new audiences will the data attract?

3. Will we need commercial real estate data, advisors?

4. Will we manage our data daily, weekly or monthly?

5. What do “innovative” data mining and monetization methods now in use by Google and others, mean to commercial real estate?

6. Will this affect commercial real estate locally, at a regional level or on a global scale?

7. What happens to commercial real estate data when it’s collected and syndicated into “the cloud”?

7. What happens if there is a monetization of the data without the knowledge and permission of the rightful owner?

8. Can commercial real estate be stupid enough to go back to square one?

9. How do we, as an industry, determine the real value of data beyond the context of that data is just property data?

10. Do we need only need “comps” to build upon or to derive a valuation model?

11. What exactly is the Commercial MLS’s/ CIE’s role?

12. Does this create a new kind of data marketplace?

13. Do we understand how business intelligence and analytics are being applied to the data generated by commercial real estate transactions?

14. How should the commercial real estate industry confront this data challenge?

15. How should we do it?...


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