A New Era for Industrial Design

Strong demand for industrial space is pushing developers to undertake speculative projects like Hays Commerce Center in metro Austin. Hillwood and HPI are co-developing the facility.

Demand for industrial space is soaring and the growth of e-commerce has opened the doors for more competitors to enter the freight and logistics spaces. In addition, the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) notes that year-to-date, the United States has added 200,000 new positions in the manufacturing sector, greatly increasing the demand for new industrial space...

RSK: Very interesting. Cross-docking is coming and going at the same time. Self-driving trucks will also change the scene.

Ken Notes: When I was Mayor in Neenah we had a developer in our industrial park that built 4plex industrial spaces that cash flowed when half (2 of 4) were rented, the businesses then knew they had the ability to expand in place. Brilliant and he did very well because as they expanded is was pure profit.

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