Kroger will road test Nuro`s driverless delivery vans in autumn

CINCINNATI (Reuters) - Kroger Co and Silicon Valley startup Nuro will begin this autumn what they call the first real-world road test of an unmanned delivery vehicle, as the largest U.S. supermarket operator battles Amazon and others for U.S. dominance in fresh grocery delivery.

The test of Nuro’s “R1” van, which is shaped like a rounded, silver lunch box, comes as Kroger and other store-based food retailers are racing to catch up with or gain an advantage over online retailer Inc, which sent grocery sellers scrambling to add home delivery after its $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods Market last year.


RSK: At a max speed of 25 mph, this could be a road hazard.

Ken Notes: This will be a HUGE hit if we legalize cannabis -- Wow man I could really go for some Doritos right now... (I am sorry but I could not resist the opportunity)...

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