Are you fed up with CoStar and LoopNet? Do Something Now! Join QuantumListing.
I`ve been a commercial real estate broker for over 30 years. I`ve used CoStar and LoopNet for many of those years, and yes they have a lot of data, but I have gotten fed up with their inaccuracy and expense.

I started QuantumListing to address those problems. It has lots of user friendly features and once your 3 month free trial is over, it is reasonably priced ($79.99/year for an individual user)...    ...more

RSK: Yet another supposed solution to pay for your own data. To me, the model that will survive is the one that is free and will collect revenue from a FaceBook model.Ken Notes: Keep it simple... PropertyDrive lists what brokers want to list, it is current and accurate because brokers are paying for it, it is free to both the public and other brokers, it is a direct link between the broker and client...

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