What`s New In This Brooklyn Sears Store? A Kmart

Sears Holdings, which owns Sears and Kmart, has for the first time brought the two brands together under the same roof by opening a 10K SF Kmart inside a Sears store at 2307 Beverley Road in Brooklyn.

The retailer, which is beleaguered by falling sales and rising debt, is presumably testing the new initiative to see if the combined brands can spark some kind of turnaround, CNBC reports...


RSK: Now Sears Exec`s are starting to put on the thinking caps instead of just closing stores. They need to adapt and be able to morph.

Ken Notes: Sears needs / needed to become the "Appliance Amazon" -- they had it all delivery outlets, brand names, good relations wilt other players, show rooms, repair... Alas it may be far to late...

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