Retail Drives Industrial Growth Through Much of the Western U.S.
The industrial market is enjoying a moment in the sun throughout the West. Much of this is due to the retail sector’s continued technological advances, which have placed increasing demand on speedy delivery as manufacturing, distribution and warehousing needs are more important now than ever.

“The market fundamentals for industrial properties are the best they have ever been,” says Bob O’Neill, senior vice president of acquisitions at CapRock Partners in Newport Beach, Calif. “Industrial absorption, lease rates and sales prices are at all-time highs, while market vacancies are at historic lows and construction in the Western United States remains in check.”...


RSK: Not just the West but all across the USA!

Ken Notes: If Wisconsin were serious about economic development, we would focus on becoming the Midwest distribution hub for all retailers (both brick and mortar and E-commerce). We could work with the big players, rail, and logistic companies like Schnieder, to create turnkey solutions for the industry.

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