The Crown Jewel Of Office Real Estate Is Coming To Retail

As retail landlords fight to stay relevant in this time of digital disruption and heightened experiential demand, a jewel of the office market is coming to retail.

Coworking isn`t just isolated to the office environment, it’s spreading really fast,” Colliers International National Director of Retail Services Anjee Solanki said.

In the case of coworking startup Spacious, a company that transforms restaurants during their off-hours into temporary workspace, this has already become a reality. The New York City company recently closed on a $9M funding round with plans to open 100 coworking locations within street-level storefronts in San Francisco and New York City.


RSK: This is a most intriguing idea.. restaurant to co-working space-back to the restaurant all in one day. Or just turning retail on main street or in malls into co-working space...either one seems to work.

Ken Notes: This concept may also be good for places like State Street where office space is at a premium. This would also work for event / banquet space that sits empty most of the time. I would love to see co-work space at the Madison Club for example...

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