5 Skyscraper Thrill Attractions Make Hearts Skip A Beat And Bring In Tons Of Revenue

It is no wonder skyscraper owners want to build observation decks. Observation decks offer visitors unparalleled views of cities and can generate more revenue per square foot than an office tenant.

The Empire State Building`s observatory generated $21.2M in revenue in Q1 and accounted for nearly one-third of the building`s total revenue.

For some operators, the views are not enough. They want to get guests` hearts racing, which in turn can make even more money...


RSK: My just for fun article....I would do the Tilt in a heartbeat.

Ken Notes: We need some tourist friendly thing like this downtown. When I worked for the Governor we used to go to the turret at the very top and I think the ledge below the dome is open to the public. Nice views...

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