More Senior Communities Are Getting Built In Nontraditional Places: Where The Kids Live

The senior housing market is changing with the times.

For decades, retirement communities were far more likely to be built in warmer climates, so as to avoid uncomfortable and possibly dangerous winters for residents. But in recent years, the industry has seen a seismic shift to areas with more traditional population density, the New York Times reports.

Senior citizens and their adult children have demonstrated a stronger desire to live near each other, prompting more development of retirement communities in infill areas close to major population centers. The Times cited Northern New Jersey and the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C., as particular hot spots...


RSK: Seniors want to live near their kids...but especially their grandchildren and watch them grow and be a positive influence on their the old days.

Ken Notes: as a card carrying member, let me tell you the new seniors do not want the communities of old, they want lifestyle, arts, food, activities, and yes grandchild friendly spaces.

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