The Big Commercial Real Estate Rat

Last week, I was prospecting in New York — it’s something I do occasionally with larger firms. We explore how we can work with their individual producers, but only under the condition that these producers invest in themselves.

While entering one particular building, I could not help but notice a large inflatable rat by the entrance of the building. Yes, right there in Midtown!

As it turns out, the rat was, in fact, put there specifically in relation to the prospect I was meeting! You see, the company I was meeting with manages and leases several buildings in the New York tri-state area...   ...more

RSK: I love Ron...but...I am not sure I found what he is really trying to get to. Would E&O cover a Giant inflatable rat in front of a building? This sounds like a he said she said type of problem. Is it defamation of character? Not sure but regardless E&O is one of those things you can live without...until you need it.

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