Sears CEO Eddie Lampert offers tentative deal for real estate, Kenmore

Sears Holdings CEO and hedge fund investor Eddie Lampert has offered to potentially buy the distressed retailer`s real estate, Kenmore brand and other assets.

Lampert`s hedge fund disclosed Monday that it had sent a letter to the retailer on Friday offering to work out a deal to help the distressed company raise cash.

The moves could accelerate the downsizing of Sears, which has closed hundreds of stores over the last few years as it reels from the department-store industry`s decline and from its own missteps....


RSK: This may be a case of "last man standing" in retail. They have the real estate, brand names and service and just might be that in big retail.

Ken Notes: So strange that a company that had solved distribution in the 60`s is struggling in 2018. Does anyone remember that you could order a house from Sears from 1904 to 1940...

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