How to Set Up a Small Business Advertising Campaign – A Checklist

Want to know how to set up a small business advertising campaign? In this article, we’ve identified nine essential steps. The 9 steps to set up an advertising campaign are:

  • Define your advertising goals  
  • Pick what you want to promote
  • Identify your target audience
  • Determine where to find your audience  
  • Decide your campaign timing
  • Set an advertising budget
  • Select outlets to advertise in
  • Create the advertising message and graphics
  • Measure results

RSK: Great primer and revisit. Any business has to have some added value for a customer. You just cannot be a reseller anymore since the internet has taken a huge bite out of that. You need to bring some added value and convenience to the customer. Why all the Big Box people have gone by the wayside. Just reselling products does not cut it any more.

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